Our mission is to drive social change through life saving collaborations and implementing systems to improve safety, compliance, utilisation and convenience in business and other organisations.

To achieve this mission, we strive to help organisations and individuals make the shift from reacting to problems to co-creating a sustainable future by leveraging the collective intelligence and shared wisdom of leaders to help achieve a transformation from undesirable conditions to positive visions for the future.

Creating this understanding enables collaborating organisations to jointly develop solutions in a collective effort beyond an individual organisation’s capabilities and to make a combined effort for promoting the health of the entire system instead of pursuing symptomatic solutions to individual challenges.



Collective Intelligence is committed to driving social change through disruptive, smart collaborations with like minded entrepreneurs. We do this by leveraging our wide network of thought leaders from a cross-section of professions.

We believe challenges in innovation and sustainability can be addressed through partnership and collaboration. The multi-disciplinary and cross sector collaborations apply strategic thinking to find solutions to complex disruptive social innovation challenges.

We see problems as challenges and respond innovatively to seemingly unsurmountable business problems through collaborative efforts.


The essence of our model is to foster social change through collaboration. The trend in social enterprise is collaboration and can be seen everywhere. Crowdfunding platforms, which enable social entrepreneurs to acquire funds from complete strangers to execute their ideas is one such example.

We all live on one planet and collaboration needs to be a driving force of social change and innovation. Despite living in different parts of the world, people realise they face similar problems such as pollution, floods and famine. Collaboration allows common problems to be tackled by pooling together different skills and talents.

We also believe social problems have become too complex for the government alone to resolve. Business and the community also need to collaborate because any one party just does not have the resources to address social problems on a large scale.

Creating social change through collaboration helps change makers achieve their goals. Everyone today is a change maker, and we invite you to collaborate and participate in making the planet a better place to live in.


Our vision is to build a stronger, more resilient and less conflicted planet for our children.

We envisage a world where individuals and organisations are willing to understand each other’s perspectives through deep, shared reflection as a doorway to building trust and fostering a culture of collective creativity.


Our values are central to the organisation and are more than just ethics and compliance. The core components of our values are:

Grounded disruption – The commercial fulfilment of tomorrow’s needs through recognising new trends, the application of technology and accelerated strategic execution.

Measurable – Successful outcomes based on delivering tangible business benefits.

Get ugly early – Picking the biggest and most challenging tasks first and knocking it out first

Growth and Learning – Developing the full potential of people through continuous education, idea sharing and problem solving in an innovative and responsive environment.

Love and Support – Fostering an environment where people feel valued by acknowledging individual contribution, encouraging innovation and rewarding performance.


While acknowledging the need for profitability, Collective Intelligence was set up to accomplish a higher social purpose…in simple terms, being enlightened beyond business.

We identify ourselves as a facilitator of change. We aim to create a happy marriage of purpose and profit through a collaborative effort with business and professionals aimed at creating social initiatives which benefit society as a whole.

Our multi-faced personality emerges from decades of experience of members, and in-depth knowledge of a broad range of social issues. Entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and innovators tap into the collective energy and talents of passionate people to explore opportunities of how they can fulfil their vision of contributing to the preservation of our environment.

Establishing connections between business organisations and the greater good, requires patience and care. We are seen as an entity which offers a holistic perspective on multi-stakeholder scalable social campaigns aimed at achieving diverse objectives in areas important for the sustenance of our people and planet.

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