Seeking help with funding or advice on creating an environmentally friendly, sustainable business?

Business owners with a higher purpose of serving humanity are increasingly looking at new ideas and disruptive innovations.

Driving change in most businesses isn’t easy. There are several obstacles which businesses need to overcome in an effort to drive social change through innovation.

In the face of growing complexity, organisations find it increasingly difficult to innovate on their own. A lack of funding opportunities is one of the greatest detractors to social innovation.

Seeking equity funding or funding through Venture Capitalists normally requires businesses to provide an exit strategy which does not align with the concept of a social enterprise which take a long time to create an impact.

Despite their challenges, entrepreneurs understand that social enterprises can generate financial returns which will make them attractive to the right investors.

Apart from funding, social innovators are faced with other challenges such as getting employees to accept the new direction of the business and creating innovative marketing initiatives.

Collective Intelligence understands the difficulty of social innovators and provides access to a network of investors, technology experts, mentors and business coaches with a shared interest of creating an impact on humanity.

If you feel isolated and are seeking support to crystallise plans for making your idea of a sustainable business or would like to explore funding options, we invite you to connect with us.

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