Not sure if your idea has the potential to be the next Uber, Snapchat or Airbnb? We’ll save you time and money to see if it’s a winner?

Innovative ideas often stay dormant because innovators seldom have the resources, business acumen, money or time to execute their ideas. Those who take action but don’t realise their dream find themselves underprepared simply waste their money and time.

Converting an innovative idea into a reality is a difficult task. In fact, giving life to ideas is quite like giving birth to a child. Regardless of the circumstances, innovators have to take ownership of the responsibility.

There’s also the challenge of presenting the vision behind the innovation to an investor. You need to be able to communicate exactly what you wish to accomplish in a way that not only help society at large, but has the potential to become a sustainable and profitable business. Accomplishing this creates engagement and increases the probability of attracting investors who believe in your idea and will back you with the funds required to get the idea off the ground.

Collective Intelligence, provides innovators with a talent pool of experts in different fields, who can become your personal advisors and evaluate your idea from a marketability viewpoint, saving you a fortune in testing and trialling the idea on you own. If your idea is sustainable, Collective Intelligence may even connect you with potential investors willing to invest in the venture, so you can get your dream project off the ground very quickly.

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