Are you looking to invest in a disruptive innovator but would like to ensure the venture is sustainable in the long term?

Innovative businesses like Uber and Airbnb have revolutionised the taxi and accommodation businesses.

The success of these disruptive businesses has sparked an interest among Australian entrepreneurs who are increasingly excited about the prospects of engineering their success by implementing such initiatives.

At the same time business owners are leaning towards creating green and sustainable businesses. Society is increasingly mindful of the impact businesses are making on the environment and are more likely to buy products and services of businesses which are environmentally friendly and create a social impact.

Socially aware employees prefer to work with organisations which proactively implement environmental and social programs. As a result businesses are making a conscious effort to develop corporate social responsibility programs with the objective of creating an ethical corporate culture.

As an investor, several factors must be considered to determine whether an innovative company will deliver the desired return.

The size of the market is a key consideration. There’s no merit in a highly innovative niche market product where there’s little money to be made.

Other important factors are barriers to entry, years of development before the product is market-ready, patenting considerations and how sustainable the competitive advantages are likely to be over time.

Collective Intelligence provides potential investors with the opportunity to connect with socially conscious start-ups and organisations seeking funds for growth. Drawing on the collective knowledge, wisdom and experience of other members, investors can mitigate their risk, and make astute decisions when considering available investment options.

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